Rocko Sues Future For $10 Million

Rocko Sues Future For $10 Million

( 4UMF NEWS ) Rocko Sues Future For $10 Million:

Future’s on a roll right now but he might own millions to rapper and owner of A1 Recordings, Rocko.

Rocko has filed a lawsuit against Future for not giving him a piece of his earnings which are allegedly due to him. Rocko bases his case on a 2011 contract according to which Future was supposed to release his first 6 albums under A1 Recordings. But Epic got involved in distributing the albums soon after he started to blow but according to Rocko, Future then made a side deal with Epic in breach of the contract.

Rocko claims 25% of the advances made to Future from Epic and 20% of his earnings from touring, endorsements etc., the total amounting to more than $10 million.

Future Hendrix addressed the lawsuit via twitter:

Rocko Sues Future For $10 Million

To which Rocko responded:

Rocko Sues Future For $10 Million 2