Sandra Bland Dashcam Arrest Video


Sandra Bland Dashcam Arrest Video

Sandra Bland Dashcam Arrest Video


( 4UMF NEWS ) Sandra Bland Dashcam Arrest Video:

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Video released Tuesday of Sandra Bland's arrest shows a trooper threaten to drag her out of her car and then pull out a taser.

After initially stopping Bland, DPS state trooper Brian Encinia issues her a written warning for failure to signal a lane change.

Then, for unknown reasons, Encinia asks Bland to put out her cigarette.

"I'm in my car, why do I have to put out my cigarette?" Bland asks. Encinia replies, "Well, you can step on out now."

Click here to see the full 52-minute video.

After refusing to leave the car several times, Encinia threatens to drag Bland from the car and then pulls out his stun gun, screaming, "I will light you up! Get out of the car now!"

The arrest continues out of the dash camera's view with Bland cursing at Encinia that he is hurting her wrist.

Encinia tells a female Prairie View officer that Bland kicked him. He also says later in the video he is not seriously injured.

Thomas Nixon, an attorney and former Houston police officer watched who the video, believes the traffic stop should have ended after Encinia handed her the warning.

"Obviously, he's arresting her because she didn't stop smoking. That's when he made the decision to arrest her because she wouldn't put her cigarette out but the problem with that decision is that' it's not illegal to smoke," Nixon said.

Nixon says citizens cannot resist an arrest even if it is unlawful.

But, he adds, Encinia's training should have led him to handle the situation differently regardless of Bland's behavior.

"An officer is trained to deesclate tension not escalate tension unless you're looking for a fight," he said.