Selena Gomez New Relationship


( 4UMF NEWS )Selena Gomez New Relationship :

The 22-year-old "Come & Get It" singer called in to the New Zealand radio talk show "The Edge Afternoons," where she was asked about recent comments made by American music producer and DJ Diplo, who claimed that their relationship was simply a publicity stunt.

"First off, It's very interesting that Diplo would think he knew about my personal life, but he doesn’t," Selena said. "I adore Anton [Zedd] a lot and I definitely had a thing with him, which was nice."

Earlier this month Diplo alleged that the "thing" between Zedd and Selena was simply a ploy by Interscope Records to drum up publicity for the duo's collaboration, "I Want You to Know," which came out in February -- a month after the young stars reportedly began seeing each other.

Although, if it were a ruse, it was a well-crafted one. Zedd and Selena sure spent a lot of time together at the beginning of the year, going out, holding hands and Instagramming photos from each other's bedrooms.

Aside from putting rumors of the relationship being fake to rest, this was also the first time Selena officially confirmed that the two had actually been a couple.