Sergio Garcia Calls Tiger A N-gger And Gets Away With It


( 4UMF NEWS ) Sergio Garcia Calls Tiger A N-gger And Gets Away With It:

There has never been any love lost between fellow golfers Tiger Woods
and Sergio Garcia. The two have been locked into a verbal bash since
the Players Championship earlier this month but the bad blood between
the two catapulted to another level when Garcia, who hails from Spain,
made a disparaging racist remark. Earlier this week at a European Tour
players dinner, Garcia was asked about meeting with Woods at the U.S.
Open, to which he responded without missing a beat, “We will have him
round every night. We will serve fried chicken."

By the time Garcia had a chance to think about what he said, it was
too late. , (More likely, he was reprimanded by his handlers behind
closed doors and was advised to get in front of the story and
apologize.) Like everything else in this modern world, Garcia’s “fried
chicken” remarks went viral. Although he issued an apology later that
night and then again the next day, the damage has been done.

Because the sixth richest golfer in the sport was so at the ready with
his “fried chicken” remark, it’s difficult to view Garcia’s apologizes
as genuine. Nine times out of ten, the first words out of someone’s
mouth before they have a chance to really think about crafting a
politically correct response is how they would normally respond.
Because of the tiff between the two, it’s very easy to imagine Garcia
cracking off-color and racist jokes about Woods behind closed doors.
For him to say there was no racist intent regarding his joke is like
saying there wouldn’t be any racist if someone were to ask him if he
wanted a few tacos.

This country’s history with race relations is hardly a secret. The
correlation between Black people and fried chicken in a derogatory way
stems all the way back to the minstrel days. Because chicken was the
only livestock slaves were allowed to have, whites’ portrayal of Black
people included smiling, laughing and dancing Sambo caricatures with a
piece of fried chicken in their hands.

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time a “fried chicken” remark crept
its way onto the green. In 1997, golfer Fuzzy Zoeller learned his
lesson talking about fried chicken and Tiger Woods. When he was asked
a similar question about what would Woods select to be on the menu for
the following year, Zoeller said: “You pat him on the back and say
congratulations and enjoy it and tell him not to serve fried chicken
next year. Got it? Or collard greens or whatever the hell they serve."

He was subsequently vilified in the media and his deals with K-Mart
and Dunlop dumped Zoeller faster than Martha Stewart dumped her
ImClone stock. For Garcia to feign ignorance or even naivety is a joke
worse than the one Garcia cracked about the fried chicken. His remarks
could have ended his endorsement deal with TaylorMade-Adidas. The
company released a statement following Garcia’s apology:

"Sergio Garcia’s recent comment was offensive and in no way aligns
with TaylorMade-Adidas Golf’s values and corporate culture. We have
spoken with Sergio directly and he clearly has regret for his
statement and we believe he is sincere. We discussed with Sergio that
his comments are clearly out of bounds and we are continuing to review
the matter."

In other words, he will still be the face of the company and will
still be cashing a check from TaylorMade. Which, of course, is the
exact opposite of what happened to rapper Rick Ross when his
endorsement deal with sneaker company Reebok was in jeopardy. The
Miami rapper’s lyrics about drugging and raping a woman caused quite
the controversy and cost Ross a cool $5 million.

Funny how the same thing didn’t happen to Garica but then again in
this racially charged society, we pretend racism is a thing of the
past just because Barack Obama was elected president of the U.S. and
then we ignore the all-time rates of memberships for the KKK and other
militia groups. So we won’t cause a fuss with TaylorMade-Adidas
keeping Garcia on the payroll and we won’t hit Adidas where it really
hurts by boycotting all of their products. Garcia apologizes a few
times then gets to cash in his free pass. And life will continue on as
normal because in this society, it’s okay to make remarks about Black
people and fried chicken. There will always be two sets of rules; one
for Blacks and one for everyone else and Ross and Garcia is yet
another example of it.



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  • hhnm42

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    you gotta be kiddin me


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    this is what the world really thinks of the African American and other minority ethnic groups.


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    this is what the world really thinks of the African American and other minority ethnic groups.

    voice of reason

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    this article is stupid. first of all, Garcia didnt call Tiger the N word. second its not even this serious, this is simply a matter of a golfer who is not that good, who is jealous of the success of the best golfer in the history of the sport. Garcia realizes he cant compete with Tiger on the course so his only other option is to verbally jab him. Garcia is a European millionaire , he has no clue of racism in the US, and i doubt he was even thinking of it in those terms. and if he is a racist , and REEBOK or ADIDAS dont do anything is that some surprise? obviously not.

    Sandre Ennis

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    not cool…

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