Sharkeisha Fight Video Goes Viral

Sharkeisha Fight Video Goes Viral
( 4UMF NEWS ) Sharkeisha Fight Video Goes Viral:

The “Sharkeisha” fight video got attention on Tuesday night through various social media platforms when a clip of a girl punching another in the face went viral.

It’s assumed the two girls' names in the video are Sharkeisha and Shay, and to say Shay didn’t exactly win the fight would be an understatement. She didn’t even see Sharkeisha’s iron fist coming her way until the slugger had already pelted her in the face with what seemed like brute force.

Twitter, Vine or Instagram; pick your poison. The Sharkeisha fight video is making the rounds -- but leave it to the infamous mini-blog to make a joke out of a violent, graphic video where an unsuspecting victim essentially gets the daylights knocked out of her.

Some took advantage of the fact that the fighter’s name is Sharkeisha, and placed pictures of sharks on top of her face and reposted the pictures to Twitter. Others called upon comedian Kevin Hart and used his famously expressive faces to conjure their own feelings. Some mixed Sharkeisha’s name with the SciFi movie “Sharknado” and created a fake poster for the knockout. Someone even made a Yu-Gi-Oh/Pokémon style card of the slugger’s attack.