Single Mom Fatally Shot By Police Was Pregnant


( 4UMF NEWS ) Single Mom Fatally Shot By Police Was Pregnant:

A pregnant Auburn woman was shot and killed by local sheriff’s deputies after they arrived at her home to check on her well-being, according to her foster sister Danielle Bargala.

Renee Davis, who had an ongoing struggle with depression, reached out to a friend early Friday evening, explaining to them that she wasn’t doing well. The recipient of the 23-year-old mother’s text went on to alert the local authorities, prompting several King County sheriff’s deputies to head over to Davis’ home located on Muckleshoot tribal land to check on her, The News Tribune reported.

“It’s really upsetting because it was a wellness check,” Bargala told the newspaper. “Obviously she didn’t come out of it well.”

The sheriff’s office told the newspaper they responded to the report of a suicidal individual and arrived at Davis’ home just after 6:30 p.m.

“They tried repeatedly to get somebody to come to the door,” Sgt. Cindi West told Komo News. “Bu they could see two kids running around inside the house.”

Both children, ages 2 and 3, belonged to Davis, her sister said, noting the single mother had another child, a five-year-old, who was with friends the night of the shooting.

“They found her in the house and she was armed with a handgun,” West said.

According to the news station, the deputies ended up firing multiple rounds, fatally hitting Davis, who was five months pregnant.

Bargala said while she knew her sister owned a hunting rifle — Davis had been an avid hunter — she wasn’t aware she owned a handgun.

She and Bargala grew up in a family of seven kids — Davis, who is of Native American descent, came to live with the family on the Muckleshoot reservation when she was an elementary school student.

Bargala told the Tribune she had never known Davis to even harshly punish her children, let alone be violent: “She was such a soft person.”

Davis’ family is now in the process of figuring out where her three children will go. According to the Tribune, they currently being housed by relatives.

The two deputies have been placed on paid administrative leave while detectives investigate the shooting.