Solange’s Friend Stabbed 10 Times In New Orleans


Solange's Friend Stabbed 10 Times In New Orleans

Solange's Friend Stabbed 10 Times In New Orleans


( 4UMF NEWS ) Solange's Friend Stabbed 10 Times In New Orleans:

Armina Mussa, friend and business partner to Solange Knowles, who works as the project director for Solo's Saint-Heron, and co-owns the French Quarter boutique, Exodus Goods, was stabbed 10 times in New Orleans.

Following the attack, Mussa was rushed to a hospital nearby. Once there, she underwent multiple surgeries and still remains hospitalized in critical condition. Court records indicate that Mussa potentially sustained fatal stab wounds all over her body, including one stab wound to her neck.

Police have apprehended and arrested Arronesia Christophe in connection with the assault. The Times-Picayune has confirmed that she was booked on charges of attempted second-degree murder.

Due to the severity of Mussa's injuries, Christophe's initial charge of aggravated battery was amended, and she was later charged with attempted second-degree murder along with aggravated battery.

The bond amount has been set to $50,000.

Although it has been confirmed that Solange was not in New Orleans at the time of the attack, it was reported that she flew down to The Big Easy in order to be close with Mussa at her bedside, as well as attend a hearing for Christophe.