Spike Lee Responds To ‘Chiraq’ Critics


Spike Lee Responds To 'Chiraq' Critics

Spike Lee Responds To 'Chiraq' Critics


( 4UMF NEWS ) Spike Lee Responds To 'Chiraq' Critics:

Director Spike Lee has remained under fire this week after he released the trailer for his upcoming film, Chiraq. In it, actors like Samuel L. Jackson portray Chicagoans in a somewhat humorous light as they attempt to combat the gang violence taking over their city. Actual Chicago residents weren't too pleased with the trailer and have expressed their disappointment with it throughout the week. Rhymesfest even went as far to say "Spike Lee owes Chicago an apology."

Being in the age where social media rules, it wasn't too long before Lee caught wind of the comments and decided to address them. "GOOD MORNIN' CHICAGO. A Few Chosen Words From Me, Spike Lee. YA-DIG? SHO-NUFF. PEACE 2 FINGERS. PUT DA GUNS DOWN. #CHILDRENAREOFFLIMITS," he wrote underneath the clip. Lee went on to say that Chiraq is a satire, and though there is humor in it, "there's a difference between humor and comedy." "In no way, shape or form are we not respectful of the situation that is happening in Chiraq. In no way, shape or form are we making light of the lives that have been murdered with this senseless violence. So people, don't get it twisted. This film is about serious business," he voiced. "There's an old statement: 'I gotta laugh to keep from crying.' Well, I think that's apropos with Chiraq."