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Stacey Dash Endorses Donald Trump For President


Stacey Dash Endorses Donald Trump For President

Stacey Dash Endorses Donald Trump For President


( 4UMF NEWS ) Stacey Dash Endorses Donald Trump For President:

Stacey Dash thinks Donald Trump is America’s best choice for president.

Why would we think she would think anything different?

Nearly everyone once affiliated with Trump has begun to distance themselves from the mogul following some offensive remarks he made about Mexican immigrants.

But not Dash. The conservative ‘personality’ defended Trump’s positions and candidacy on Fox’s Outnumbered:

I believe what [Trump] was trying to say was that we need to close the borders because it’s dangerous. It’s an imminent threat […] I believe what he said, he could have said in a different way. He should have ended it there, he didn’t have to get personal about Mexico, because he then says he has Mexican friends and he loves Mexico. It’s like saying, ‘I have my Black friend,’ you know.

Dash went on to say that Trump was right to sue Univision after the Miss USA pageant was dropped. Univision’s decision came after the very remarks Dash was trying to explain away, in which Trump called illegal immigrants rapists and murderers.

Despite the horrific backlash against Trump, though, he does apparently still have a staunch supporter in Stacey Dash, as the Fox host went on to say that she would still “want a guy like that running my country.”


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