updated 11:51 PM UTC, Dec 4, 2016

Steve Harvey Is Being Sued For $200K


Steve Harvey Is Being Sued For $200K

Steve Harvey Is Being Sued For $200K


( 4UMF NEWS ) Steve Harvey Is Being Sued For $200K:

A Nashville-based private jet company is suing Steve Harvey for $200,000, saying the Family Feud host failed to pay for pricey alterations they had made to the jet.

According to the suit, filed Wednesday by Business Aircraft Leasing Inc, Harvey had “orally promised” to lease the jet for $97,000 per month and had also agreed to a price of $400,000 for customization, reports the NY Daily News. The redesign included custom carpet and seating as well as changing the cabin seating from 16 to 14 seats.

The suit alleges that Harvey paid half of the amount due for the alterations before ultimately deciding that he did not want to lease the plane, and now the company is suing for the other half of the money owed them, a sum of around $205,000.


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