Teacher Pours Pencil Shavings Down Student’s Throat

Teacher Pours Pencil Shavings Down Student's Throat

( 4UMF NEWS ) Teacher Pours Pencil Shavings Down Student's Throat:

A Texas high school teacher was suspended from work after she poured pencil sharpener shavings into a student's mouth.

The woman, who has not been named, launched the bizarre attack on eighth grader Marquis Jay at Boles Jr. High School in Arlington last month.

CBS reports that the 13-year-old was leaning back in his chair, with his head tilted back and mouth open, when she walked over and tipped the fragments down his throat.

He spat out the shavings and then walked to the school nurse's office so he could wash his mouth out.

His mom, Deidre Brown, called for the teacher - who had only stopped by in the classroom to give a colleague a hand - to be fired.

"I wanted to cry because it was like how could she do that? What kind of message is it sending to the kids? She is supposed to be the teacher - the adult," Brown told CBS. "I don't even think she should be teaching if she can't have the patience to not know that's not something she is supposed to do."

The school board said the incident was "unacceptable," with spokesman Amy Casas adding "[IT] was immediately and fully investigated when it occurred almost a month ago.

"The school has been in constant communication with the student's mother about this incident and other matters. At no time has mom expressed any concerns about the manner in which this situation was handled to the school or the district," the spokesman said.

The teacher has now reportedly returned to work, with Jay apparently prepared to forgive and forget.

"She said sorry for what happened," Jay said. "She wasn't thinking right."


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