The Debate About The Confederate Flag

The Debate About The Confederate Flag

( 4UMF NEWS ) The Debate About The Confederate Flag:

The confederate flag has become a hot button topic across the nation once again when white supremacist Dylann Roof walked into a South Carolina church and killed nine Black people. While some view the flag as a symbol of hate others are hell bent on holding onto the flag as a part of their heritage.

4UMF's own Brownie Hawkins was a guest panelist on Lisa Evers' 'Street Soldiers' on New York's radio station Hot 97 to debate whether or not the confederate flag should be flown on state grounds or government property. Hawkins takes a surprising stance on the issue that is sure to continue to be a hot button topic in the country.

Check out last week's edition of Lisa Evers' 'Street Soldiers:'

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