‘The Equalizer’ Sequel Has Been Approved


'The Equalizer' Sequel Has Been Approved

'The Equalizer' Sequel Has Been Approved


( 4UMF NEWS ) 'The Equalizer' Sequel Has Been Approved:

Denzel Washington's box office hit The Equalizer is getting a sequel. That makes perfect sense, considering that The Equalizer was one of the most anticipated movies of 2014, and that rumors about a second installment have been swirling before the movie even came out, according to Variety.

Sony Pictures will make the film, although no word yet on when it will hit theaters (The Equalizer just came out last September). Washington is expected to come back as main character Robert McCall, a seemingly ordinary man with a mysterious and secret past—it's later revealed that he was a black ops agent for the government, which totally comes in handy when he meets Chloë Grace Moretz and finds out she's been abused by the Russian mob. You can imagine how that pans out for all parties involved.

Washington will be great, as he is in just about everything—however, it's unclear at this time if Antoine Fuqua will come back to direct the sequel. Washington and Fuqua worked together in Training Day, and Variety reports that the duo is together again on the upcoming Magnificent Seven remake.

Either way, we just have one small request: please make Washington refer to himself as "The Equalizer" when one of his next dying victims asks him "Who are you?!" Please.