Tiger Runs Loose In Traffic Jam

Tiger Runs Loose In Traffic Jam

( 4UMF NEWS ) Tiger Runs Loose In Traffic Jam:

A young tiger created chaos on the Doha expressway in Qatar after it broke loose from his chain and jumped on to the multi lane corridor. The animal was reportedly being transported when it jumped out of the truck and rolled over multiple times before starting to run across the expressway. Chaos ensued apart a long traffic jam on the expressway as the tiger tried to find its way off the road.

The video shows the tiger jumping off the truck and rolling over a few times before it gets up and starts to walk on the expressway. The tiger later sits below a car where it is pulled out by a person who seems to be the owner of the animal. He is later seen dragging the helpless tiger by the collar with the help of leash towards a car in which he planned to take him away.

Time and again, the tiger refuses to move, but is pulled away by the purported owner towards the vehicle. The tiger can be later seen sitting on the side of the express way as the video comes to an end. Keeping tiger is not uncommon for the locals in Qatar even as it is known to be illegal. Reports suggested that the owner might be penalized under the local law and could face a fine as well as a jail term under the Qatari law.

The Twitter handle of the Ministry of Interior, Qatar today announced that they have identified the owner of the tiger who was found loose on the Doha expressway yesterday. Another tweet by the same handle said that the tiger was handed over to the concerned authorities while legal proceedings were initiated against the owner.