TRAEDONYA Family Affair Video

TRAEDONYA Family Affair Video

( 4UMF NEWS ) TRAEDONYA Family Affair Video:

TRAEDONYA Releases Family Affair Video and Unveils New App

New York based vocalist, TRAEDONYA is dropping a new App on the Android and iTunes marketplace.

The Indonesian Chart topping singer is bringing a new style AP for her followers so they can experience life through TRAEDONYA.

It’s a great new App created to bring TRAEDONYA fans everything they want about The Bride of New Funk Hipopera. She will dazzle you, intrigue you and even tantalize you to want more about what is going on in the world with TRAEDONYA.

Prohibition Entertainment's NYC based vocalist TRAEDONYA! (aka The Bride of New Funk Hipopera) releases her first video ''Family Affair'' off of her forthcoming digital debut EP ''High Fructose Corn Syrup''.  The instrumentalist on the song is her band ''Sample This!'' of which she is the lead vocalist and songwriter.

The song ''Family Affair'' is a cover to the classic song, originally done by funk legends Sly and The Family Stone. The video has garnered over 47k on you tube and will be coming to MTV, BET Centric, Music Choice and other video outlets for summer 2013.  The video shows various well known families together with TRAEDONYA! bringing her vocal rendition with true emotions. ''I just didn't want to do too much because the song speaks for itself.  I feel the visual captures the essence of the song, says TRAEDONYA!

In more TRAEDONYA! news you can now download her brand new app. The app will allow fans to hear about all things new about TRAEDONYA! in real time. The app is on iPhone and android platforms. However, not only is she releasing a new App she is also dropping new music.

TRAEDONYA! Pulls from her jazz influences and comes todays hip hop style and fuses it together to bring an updated single to and the classic, “Family Affair.”

''Family Affair'' will be the bonus song on her debut EP High Fructose Corn Syrup available on July 2013
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