Triplets Get Married In Triple Ceremony

Triplets Get Married In Triple Ceremony ( 4UMF NEWS ) Triplets Get Married In Triple Ceremony: Guests at the Bini sisters' wedding in Brazil witnessed a rare sight: a triple wedding with a set of identical triplets. Triplets Rafaela, Rocheli, and Tagiane Bini married Rafa Rafael, Gabriel, and Eduardo Thome, respectively, in a joint wedding ceremony on March 21. The ceremony took place in the Cathedral Nossa Senhora Aparecida in Passo Fundo, Brazil. The 29-year-old trio wore identical wedding dresses and similar hairstyles and makeup. The only difference was the colors of their bouquets: yellow for Rafaela, blue for Rocheli, and red for Tagiane. Triplets Get Married In Triple Ceremony 2 Ariadne Durante, wedding planning blogger and guest at the Bini wedding, wrote in a blog post that there were more than 600 guests attending the ceremony, and that the brides had known for over a year that they wanted to get married at the same time. Durante shared a collection of photos of the triplets in the post as well. She went on to say that relatives marrying at the same time is a tradition in the brides' family. Source