Troy Ave Pleads Not Guilty

Troy Ave Pleads Not Guilty

( 4UMF NEWS ) Troy Ave Pleads Not Guilty:

Rapper Troy Ave pleaded not guilty Wednesday to an attempted murder charge stemming from a deadly melee at an Irving Plaza concert as his lawyers said they hope to free him by next week.

The 33-year-old Brooklyn-bred performer, whose real name is Roland Collins, was handcuffed to a wheelchair and rolled into Manhattan Supreme Court for his arraignment.

"Not guilty," the glum looking rapper uttered before the judge, a crowd of supporters and a beefed-up corps of court officers.

The case was adjourned to July 1 when Collins' attorneys Scott Leemon and John Stella hope to have him sprung on a bail package.

"Don't forget he is a victim here," Leemon said outside the courtroom. "He was shot by somebody else. His bodyguard was shot by somebody else."

"He should be let out on bail and treated like a victim," the attorney added.

Stella said Collins is recovering slowly from a pair of gunshot wounds — on in each leg — but is in need of physical therapy.

At the brief proceeding, prosecutor Christine Keenan said that that Collins had been hit with additional gun charges stemming from weapons found in his van at the time of his arrest.

But the May 25 murder of Collins' bodyguard and childhood pal Ronald McPhatter at a T.I. concert is still "under investigation."

The existing charges "only related to what occurred on the balcony of the Irving Plaza," Keenan said.

"What happened inside the VIP room is still under investigation," she added.

Collins is the only person to be charged in connection to the fatal ordeal so far.

He vehemently denies shooting McPhatter and his attorneys have said he wrestled a weapon away from the real aggressor, who has not been identified.