Twin Brothers Hit By Same Bullet


( 4UMF NEWS ) Twin Brothers Hit By Same Bullet:

Sources say twin brothers were hit by the same bullet after a shooting in the Crescentville section of Philadelphia early Sunday morning, leaving one of them dead.

It happened around 4:15 a.m. Sunday outside of the Candelas Bar Restaurant on the 700 block of Adams Avenue.

Police say an out-of-control argument led to the gunfire.Investigators say the suspect fired an initial shot into the air, then pistol-whipped the brothers. Then, police say, he fired at them.

Detectives say the bullet went through one brother's chest, killing him. The bullet then continued and hit his brother in the stomach.

The surviving brother has undergone surgery and is in critical condition. The names of the victims have not been released.

Antonette Bailey, who lives next door to the scene, says news of the shooting doesn't come as a surprise. That's why her grand-kids and nieces aren't allowed out there at night.

"Once the street lights go on, they're inside," she said.

There has been no word on any arrests. Detectives say the incident was caught on video, but there was no word on if that video will be released.