Two Killed At Drake Afterparty

Two Killed At Drake Afterparty

( 4UMF NEWS ) Two Killed At Drake Afterparty:

Two people were killed when a shooting broke out at a Canadian music festival afterparty hosted by rapper Drake, marking the second consecutive year gunfire has plagued the annual party.

At least three more people were wounded inside and near Toronto’s Muzik nightclub early Tuesday, CP 24 reported.

The club was packed with people attending a party after OVO Fest, an annual Toronto music festival run by Canadian-born rapper Drake. He also hosted the Muzik nightclub afterparty, but it’s not clear if he was inside the venue during the shooting.

The scene mirrored last year's party: another shooting broke out at the same event last August, injuring one person, CBC reported.

Canadian police said the Tuesday shooting began around 3:15 a.m. inside the nightspot, and one man was killed in the club.

The mayhem then “spilled out onto the streets” where more people were shot, Toronto police Insp. Frank Bergen said.

Officials have not released the names of the victims, but said a man and a woman were killed.

Three more people were taken to local hospitals, but police said there could be more wounded partiers. Some injured people may have fled the scene instead of immediately seeking medical treatment, police said.

It’s not clear if officers have any suspects in custody.

Bergen called the afterparty a “very well-run event” and there were plenty of police officers close to the nightclub when the shooting started.