Two Teens Arrested In Brooklyn McDonald’s Brawl

Teens Brawl In McDonald's

( 4UMF NEWS ) Two Teens Arrested In Brooklyn McDonald's Brawl:

Two down, two to go.

Police have arrested two people for pounding on a 17-year-old girl and a 43-year-old good Samaritan who tried to break up the vicious fight in the downtown Brooklyn fast-food joint that was captured on video.

Asjaney Narine, 16, is facing assault charges for pounding on and ripping out her teen rival’s hair as they rolled around on the floor of the Flatbush Ave. Extension McDonald’s on Thursday. Kendale Hamilton, 18, was also arrested for attacking 43-year-old Iver Whittingham as he tried pulling the girls apart.

Hamilton, who was not wearing a shirt, attacked Whittingham as he tried to break up the fight, the video shows. He is then joined by a group of other teens who punched, kicked and threw him against a counter.

When Whittingham tried to intervene a second time, Hamilton jumped the older man again and chased him out of the eatery.

Cops said they are looking for a second assailant, as well as the teen who recorded the video on his phone — and can be heard egging on the brawlers.

“Why you not killing him?” the teen shouted, encouraging the violence. “Kill that old n----- right now! Kill him right now!”

Cops released pictures of the two suspects still at large Saturday.

The arraignments for the two suspects was pending Saturday evening. When police arrived at the eatery on Thursday, the attackers had run off.

Only Whittingham and the brutalized teen remained. Both were taken to Brooklyn Hospital where they were treated and released.