Did Tyler Perry Goons Beat Dude Up

Tyler Perry Goons Beat Dude Up

( 4UMF NEWS ) Did Tyler Perry Goons Beat Dude Up:

Is Tyler Perry a Gay thug on the low????? Well peep what is being said about him...

MediaTakeOut.com learned that a popular internet celebrity named WALTER HAMPTON made BIG news in the BLACK GAY COMMUNITY last week when he OUTED Tyler Perry - who he claimed has been a friend for years. He claims that when he FIRST met Tyler - Mr Madea was a FLAMBOYANT GAY MAN. And that once Tyler started getting famous he began living in the closet because Tyler's scared of losing his Black Church following.

Big news right. Well then . . . mysteriously . . . he was BRUTALLY ATTACKED. His face was SLASHED and so was his arm. It's not clear what happened to Walter . . . but we wish him a speedy recovery.




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  • MoneyKap

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    lol hell naw


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    say word


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    Crazy interview, but dude is a musclebound Beeyiotch!

    Not because he’s a gay body builder, but his mentality. Gay or not, Tyler Perry doesn’t owe anybody ‘chet that isn’t in the contract & they should appreciate anything extra that he does…if he choses to do it.

    Still, that interview was WHoah!

    Wayne Janikowski-scoopaink Mar

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    what are saying here? oh..

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