Update On Kenny Clutch Death

Update On Kenny Clutch Death

( 4UMF NEWS ) Update On Kenny Clutch Death:

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LAS VEGAS -- To understand last week's shooting on the Las Vegas Strip that led to the death of three people, police are looking into the history of not only triple murder suspect Ammar Harris, but slain amateur rapper Kenneth Cherry Jr.

A nightclub disagreement and confrontation at the valet area of Aria triggered the violence, Metro Police detectives said.

Whatever Cherry and Harris were arguing about set into motion a dangerous and deadly drama.

Sources have suggested they might have been arguing over controlling a prostitute at Haze nightclub.

8 News NOW first reported Thursday that Cherry was a well-known pimp.

A well-placed law enforcement source Monday said, "We do not have an active case against him. We believe that he was involved in the pimping lifestyle, but there are no pending charges against him. There are a lot of guys like him out there who have girls working for them, but have never been caught or charged with being pimps."

Cherry's lawyers and family called a news conference Saturday saying Cherry has been misrepresented as a violent thug.

"Accusations are just accusations," attorney Bob Beckett said. "We deal with that every day down at the courthouse. Anybody can make an accusation."

Metro Police officers may have never busted Cherry, but he perhaps had at least one connection with the world's oldest profession.

8 News NOW uncovered court documents showing Cherry's girlfriend, and mother of one of his children, might have been a working girl at one time.

Asmayit Hagos was arrested in a prostitution sting with another suspected escort at Mandalay Bay in April 2010.

Despite past troubles, the main priority for police is catching Harris, who also has prostitution ties.

"Right now, as far as we're concerned, Mr. Cherry, he's a victim of a murder, and that's what we're focused on, him being a victim," Metro Lt. Ray Steiber said.



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