“Wedding Singer” Rapping Grandma Dies

Rapping Grandma Dies

( 4UMF NEWS ) "Wedding Singer" Rapping Grandma Dies:

Ellen Albertini Dow, whose take on "Rapper's Delight" made "The Wedding Singer" an instant classic, died Monday per Deadline. She was 101.

Prior to making it big in Hollywood, Dow studied acting in New York City, worked with mimes and even had a role in a comedy act before moving to the West Coast to teach in the drama department at Los Angeles City College.

The Pennsylvania native later transferred to Pierce College where she would go on to meet her husband Eugene Dow. She landed a role in "The Twilight Zone" during the 1980s and her acting career launched from there. She also appeared in big screen films such as "Sister Act" and "My Blue Heaven" and also worked on the small screen. Her TV credits include "The Golden Girls," "Moonlighting," "Murphy Brown," "Seinfeld" and "ER."

But she is probably best known for her appearance in Adam Sandler's "The Wedding Singer," where she paid for singing lessons in meatballs and performed her own version of the Sugarhill Gang's classic hit, which appeared on the official soundtrack. The album went double platinum and made the Billboard Top 5. She also performed a heartwarming version of "Till There Was You."

Albertini Dow reprised her role as a sassy grandmother in the hit comedy "Wedding Crashers."

Although she was in her late nineties, Albertini Dow continued to work as recently as two years ago, landing a guest role on the Fox series "New Girl." She also voiced a character on "Family Guy" and appeared in the Showtime series "Shameless."