Woman Arrested After Beating Son Over Wrong Burrito

Woman Arrested After Beating Son Over Wrong Burrito

( 4UMF NEWS ) Woman Arrested After Beating Son Over Wrong Burrito:

It was abuse over a burrito. A West Virginia mom was arrested after police said she was bashing her teen boy’s face for getting the wrong toppings on her Taco Bell burrito.

“There’s a difference between spanking your kid and punching your kid in the face,” Cpl. Dean Bishop, who was the first officer at the scene, told WCHS. “There’s no sense in ever getting into an argument like that over a burrito — just let it go.”

Loretta Lynn Armstrong, 48, was charged with felony child abuse for her taco tantrum on Friday.

Milton officers had to pry Armstrong off her battered boy, as the mom continued resisting arrest even after cops showed up.

“She screamed and cussed and yelled and claimed she was having a heart attack,” Bishop told the local outlet.

It took three hours before officers were able to simmer down the hothead burrito brawler, even after paramedics confirmed she wasn’t having a heart attack. While cuffed in the police cruiser, Armstrong continued her foul-mouthed barrage at officers, threatening that she was going to get them fired and sued, according to the Herald Dispatch.

Her oldest son, Jesse, stood up for his mother, telling reporters she was a peaceful churchgoing woman who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

She is currently being held on a $31,000 bond.