Woman Arrested For Assaulting Ex With Pork Fried Rice

( 4UMF NEWS ) Woman Arrested For Assaulting Ex With Pork Fried Rice:

She hit him with some combination.

Cops raced to a disturbance inside a Florida Chinese restaurant — and found a man covered in pork fried rice and hot sauce.

Brian Kusmer, 31, was attacked by his ex-girlfriend, Samantha Wilson, who was arrested for domestic battery, according to The Smoking Gun .

The bizarre situation at the China No. 1 restaurant in Vero Beach began as Kusmer waited for his former flame to drop off the couple's 8-year-old son for his custody visit.

But once Wilson arrived, the exes reportedly began arguing over their child's excessive school absences.

Instead of splitting some warm wonton soup, the pair launched into a heated argument. That's when Wilson turned her ex into a human wok and tossed his lunch on him. Kusmer, who declined medical attention, said "the sauce burned a little." His story was later verified by another customer.

Wilson, whose rap sheet includes criminal mischief, theft, negligence and child abuse, has since been released and was ordered to steer clear of Kusmer.