Woman Fights Off Armed Car Jacker

Woman Fights Off Armed Car Jacker

( 4UMF NEWS ) Woman Fights Off Armed Car Jacker:

She's got gumption!

An Oregon woman looked danger in the eye Thursday night when she fended off an armed carjacker with a pocket knife.

Dawn Durbin said she was sitting in her car outside a nightclub in Aloha, Ore., when she heard a knock on the car window and turned to find a gun in her face.

"I turned off the car, dropped the keys on the floor board," the 33-year-old told KATU-TV. "I had a knife sitting right there, so I grabbed it [AND] I opened up my door."

Durbin exited the car, hiding the knife behind her back. She then pushed away the man's gun and threw the attempted carjacker against a wall.

"We got closer to the wall and he went at me again with the gun," she explained. "I swiped his arm away and kicked out at him to put his feet out from under him."

Bystanders held the man down until cops arrived. Police have identified the carjacker as Daniel Broome. Broome, 30, remains at Washington County Jail with a first degree robbery charge. Durbin said she wouldn't think twice about pulling off the daring moves again.

"I was just trying to survive," she said.


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see knives always stop guns! hahaha
but how do we get rid of these assault knives now…..they are everywhere!!

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