Woman On ‘Maury’ Looks Just Like Ted Cruz

Woman On 'Maury' Looks Just Like Ted Cruz

( 4UMF NEWS ) Woman On 'Maury' Looks Just Like Ted Cruz:

A “Maury” guest just wanted to find her son's father. Instead, she may have found her long-lost twin brother: Ted Cruz.

A woman on the high-drama tabloid TV show shared a striking resemblance with the GOP presidential candidate, and the Internet had a field day with the likeness.

A screenshot of the Cruz lookalike — who was a guest on Monday's episode entitled “5 Men Tested … Will I Find My Daughter’s Father Today?” — spread online after it was posted to a pro-Donald Trump Reddit account this week. The woman, identified only by her first name, Searcy, appeared on the show with her boyfriend, who claimed their son wasn't really his.

DNA proved Searcy's beau is the father, but her relation to Cruz is still up for debate. However, the Internet never doubted the resemblance.

“The real question is why is @tedcruz visiting Maury when he should be trying to win all New Yorkers,” another Twitter user said, noting that Monday was Cruz’s last chance to campaign before New Yorkers headed to the polls on Tuesday.

“'The Lie Detector Test determined....that was a LIE!’ Ted Cruz is just NOT that SEXY!” the show posted on its Facebook page.

The show itself even shared the shot, which showed Cruz’s tearful doppelganger staring intently off-camera.

“Ted Cruz in drag on Maury.. The results are in — you are NOT the nominee!” A Trump-supporting Twitter user posed.

Cruz has not comment on his resemblance to the answer-demanding "Maury" guest.

The Texas senator’s identity and appearance has been hotly debated this campaign season. Critics have compared him to the lead singer for the heavy metal band Stryper, a Duke University basketball player and Grandpa Munster. Some have even suggested he might be the Zodiac Killer.