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Woman Shoots And Kills Her Assaulter
updated 3:27 PM UTC, Oct 27, 2016

Woman Shoots And Kills Her Assaulter


Woman Shoots And Kills Her  Assaulter

Woman Shoots And Kills Her Assaulter


( 4UMF NEWS ) Woman Shoots And Kills Her Assaulter:

A woman killed the man accused of sexually assaulting and abducting her, AL.com reports.

Jeremy Arnold Ford, 25, was shot dead by a woman who said he forced her into an apartment where he raped her, authorities told AL.com. They found the victim in the complex parking lot and Ford dead inside the apartment unit.

The woman told police at some point she was able to get the gun and shoot Ford.

He was arrested in an eerily similar incident in September. Police responded to a report of a possible shooting, but instead found Ford intoxicated and saying he planned to confront someone who stole his gun, according to AL.com.

He then began to yell and curse at a woman he called his girlfriend.


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