updated 5:11 PM UTC, Jan 17, 2017

Woman Urinates On Cop While Resisting Arrest

Woman Urinates On Cop While Resisting Arrest

( 4UMF NEWS ) Woman Urinates On Cop While Resisting Arrest:

Pennsylvania police officers found themselves in hot water while arresting a woman in Lancaster County.

Cops say Sabra E. Barnett, 34, urinated on an officer’s leg as she scuffled with them while resisting arrest for failure to appear in court on Friday.

But officers from the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department eventually captured her in her hometown of Lititz in the southeast of the state, according to the department.

There were no injuries, other than possible pee stains, during the incident at Cardinal Lane and E. Newport Rd., cops said.

Police turned her over to Lancaster County Sheriff’s Deputies following the arrest, they said.

She was still incarcerated in county jail early Tuesday, according to local inmate records.


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