Woman Walks Dog While Driving Car

Woman Walks Dog While Driving Car

( 4UMF NEWS ) Woman Walks Dog While Driving Car:

Police in California are looking for a driver who was caught on camera pulling a dog by its leash as it ran alongside her car.

Some are now wondering whether the act is a case of animal cruelty, KOVR-TV reports.

Amanda Bajkovich captured the scene on camera and posted the video on Facebook. The video immediately got the attention of Stockton's animal services department and director Phillip Zimmerman.

"We have a lack of humane education -- not only for adults, obviously in this case, but as children as well," he said.

He points to a child inside the car that's pulling the dog and how that child is watching and learning.

"If we don't teach children that this isn't OK, this is what happens," he said.

A Stockton animal services investigation to identify the dog-driving woman is underway. Zimmerman could recommend a charge of animal cruelty under California law.