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Wu-Tang Affiliate Confronts Action Bronson
updated 8:29 PM UTC, Oct 21, 2016

Wu-Tang Affiliate Confronts Action Bronson


Wu-Tang Affiliate Confronts Action Bronson

Wu-Tang Affiliate Confronts Action Bronson


( 4UMF NEWS ) Wu-Tang Affiliate Confronts Action Bronson:

This wat we do I’m 4 real Popawu u Fuk with my mine u get Chestties Wu 4ever

A photo posted by Freedom Allah (@popawu7) on

The animosity between Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson hit a fever pitch last month, after Bronson made some disparaging comments towards the legendary rapper on ESPN. Things seemingly cooled off after Bronson apologized, even though Ghostface didn’t accept it. It doesn’t look like the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan accepted the apology either, as affiliate Popa Wu put up a post on Instagram of himself and Bronson. Wu is a longtime associate of the group, and can be heard giving teachings “All That I Got Is You” as well as his own compilation albums.

From the looks of the picture above, Wu is either lecturing Bronson, or saying some very, very mean things about him. Bronson’s face tells the tale of the exact mood of the conversation, but let’s hope a stern talk was all that happened, and that there won’t be any more “Chestties” dispersed.


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