Single Mothers And Feminism

Single Mothers And Feminism ( 4UMF NEWS ) Single Mothers And Feminism: What have single mothers produced over the last forty years other than criminals? Sweeping indictment or truth? What say you? Feminism is to blame I say. Feminism has destroyed the very moral fabric of this once great nation. Whatever happened to being in the house when that light came on outside? Whatever happened to the father sitting at the head of his table? Whatever happened to families eating together and saying grace together? Whatever happened to families going to church together? Whatever happened to law and order and family structure? Some evil genius came up with the idea that women didn’t need men and how ridiculous was that notion? You could live without your left arm but why would you want to Chris Rock once asked. You could live without out your left eye but it doesn’t mean it was meant to be that way. A study once showed that 70% of all men in prison grew up without their fathers and that is staggering to say the least. Who or what led women to believe that rearing children on their own was the natural order of things? Man, woman and child in that order would be the best way to keep civilization going, one would think. People claim religion and then fall into the cesspool of feminism claiming equal rights. Equal rights and feminism are not the same. Feminism has gone so far as to make women not only believe they should act independent of men but it has taught women that they are better than men. Feminism once again undermines the natural order of things. I never once thought and I further don’t know any men who think they are naturally above women. We are without question equal yet our roles are very different. Men are natural providers and protectors. Such task come natural to them, while women are by nature nurturers and you will find for the most part that such roles come natural to them. Are there exceptions to this rule, yes and there will always be. We are not discussing rarities though but rather what happens more times than not. Of course you have single mothers who have raised successful boys to be men but are these men emotionally and spiritually whole persons as one half of their development was never addressed. How do we judge success? If a single mother says that her son is now attending Harvard does that mean simply because he made it to an Ivy League school his father wasn’t a necessary component of his life? What does a woman know about being a man? How can she? If we are to survive as a society we must go back to a time when mothers were homemakers and fathers were providers. There is simply no other way. A child has a right to wake up to his biological parents and they both have a duty to remain a family unit that serves an example for generations to come. Single mothers will always have to work twice as hard to meet the demands of playing two roles and that will always leave someone shorted. That someone will always have an emotional void that neither Harvard, fame or wealth can replace. I could be wrong but this is just my take on it. Signing off, Jamil El Shabazz.