Does Benzino Have A Side Piece?

Benzino, Althea Kicked Off 'Love And Hip Hop'

( 4UMF NEWS ) Does Benzino Have A Side Piece:

Benzino and his fiancee Althea have publicly professed their love for each other but is the former "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star creeping on Thi Thi?

Here's an interesting tip that recently passed across our desk here at 4UMF:

Benzino has been seeing my sister-in-law Lala for over a year and she's Married! I'll lay it all out for you...

They used to just contact each other by texting but he stopped responding. Lala like a dummy has been writing him on twitter in public because she is using it wrong and doesn't know that everyone can see and they are not private.

Lala is MARRIED and this need to stop.

Allegedly, are a couple pictures from Myspace and from Facebook as well as a screenshot of the supposed side piece's Twitter page:

Does Benzino Have A Side Piece

Does Benzino Have A Side Piece 2

Does Benzino Have A Side Piece 3

We're not sure if this is true or not but it sure is interesting enough to share...