Teachers In Trouble For Handing Out ‘Ghetto’ Award


Teachers In Trouble For Handing Out 'Ghetto' Award

Teachers In Trouble For Handing Out 'Ghetto' Award


( 4UMF NEWS ) Teachers In Trouble For Handing Out 'Ghetto' Award:

As the school year draws to an end, kids are taking home awards like “Perfect Attendance” or “Most Improved.” But one Texas student brought home an award that, according to his mother, was hurtful and offensive.

Jerrika Wilkins says her eighth grade son came home with an award that said it was part of the “8th Annual Ghetto Classroom Awards.” While the teachers said it was a joke and all in good fun, Wilkins says the award was damaging, especially because it was given in a special education classroom.

“He feels pretty inferior,” Wilkins told KDFW. “You know, he want to succeed. You know, it just kind of hurt his feelings.” She added that her son has struggled in school and is already self-conscious about that fact.

One of the teachers, Tim Couch, has since come forward to apologize, while the other teacher, Stephanie Garner, offered to resign. However, the family said that they did not want her resignation and have accepted both teachers’ apologies.

Wilkins also said that she did not believe the awards were meant to be racist.

“Ghetto was not supposed to be a malicious intent to degrade him,” said Wilkins. “It was supposed to be all in fun. I didn’t take it that way.”

The teachers’ actions were not condoned by Sulphur Springs Middle School, and the matter is under investigation.