Floyd Mayweather Responds To Adrien Broner’s Diss Towards TMT


Floyd Mayweather Responds To Adrien Broner's Diss Towards TMT

Floyd Mayweather Responds To Adrien Broner's Diss Towards TMT


( 4UMF NEWS ) Floyd Mayweather Responds To Adrien Broner's Diss Towards TMT:

Adrien Broner has long-called Floyd Mayweather Jr. his mentor and "big bro," but recently criticized Floyd's company, The Money Team.

It all stems from an upcoming opponent, English boxer Ashley Theophane, who is promoted by Mayweather's company.

In a recent post-fight interview on Showtime, Broner took a jab at TMT and Theophane, comparing him to Caitlyn Jenner. "This is what you do [Floyd]. 'Cause bosses talk to bosses. You put Ashley on one of your private jets. Bring him to come see me and I bet I bring the girl out of that boy like Bruce Jenner," Broner said.

Also, as Broner exited the BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta recently, he further dissed TMT, telling cameras: "I don't wanna hear sh*t about TMT sh*t. I f*ck with Floyd. All the rest of that sh*t dead. Other than that, it's About Billions."

In response, Mayweather tells FightHype that Broner needs to grow up.

"Instead of saying f*ck The Money Team, he needs to be thanking The Money Team," Mayweather said in a recent interview. "Because, at the end of the day, Al Haymon is a part of The Money Team. Everything is under the same umbrella when it's all said and done. If you're saying f*ck Al Haymon, you're saying f*ck Floyd Mayweather. When you're say f*ck Floyd Mayweather, you're saying f*ck Al Haymon.

"You are there taking shots at Bruce Jenner. When it’s all said and done, let Bruce Jenner live his life the way he wanna live his life," Floyd continued. "Bruce Jenner don't even know who Adrien Broner is, but Adrien Broner do know who Bruce Jenner is. You gotta watch what you say because you don't never know who you may need in life or who you may bump into in life."