NBA 2K15 Release Date And Game Codes


NBA 2K15 Release Date And Game Codes

NBA 2K15 Release Date And Game Codes

( 4UMF NEWS ) NBA 2K15 Release Date And Game Codes:

There are many sports games produced each year that cause a serious buzz, but the scheduled release of NBA 2K15 on October 7 is one of the most anticipated moments for basketball fans and gamers alike.

With several new modes added to this year’s edition, major upgrades to the features fans of the game already enjoyed and overall improvements to the gameplay and visual presentation, this could be the most anticipated release in NBA 2K history.

Here are the game modes, new features and overall notes gamers and basketball fans want to hear.

The annual release of the NBA 2K series is one of the most exciting times for fans, and the developers at 2K Sports will reward loyal fans with several marquee upgrades and changes to the game.

No addition trumps the talk about MyLeague Mode, though.

With a setup similar to the Association Mode in NBA 2K13, fans of the series will now be given complete control of the league and how it is formatted. From divisional alignment to which teams are in your league, gamers can shape their NBA however they want.

Another exciting change comes to the Crew Mode of the game. Instead of having a watered-down version of the online game like 2K produced last year, Crew Mode will return in its original form. Unfortunately for many gamers, Crew Mode is only available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

With most hardcore gamers already moving to the next-generation consoles, the move to release the mode only on the older systems seems counterproductive. Hopefully next year, each edition of the game has the fan-favorite Crew Mode.

Two of the most unique changes come to the presentation of the game. First, the developers at 2K Sports have added more animated graphics to each team’s mascot, further immersing the fans in the live game experience.

The other improvement turning heads is the addition of Shaquille O'Neal and Ernie Johnson, co-hosts of  on TNT, to the game. While the depth of their participation has not been revealed, they were involved in one of the trailers for the game.

With so many changes and improvements, the wait for the eventual release of NBA 2K15 will not be easy for basketball and video game fans everywhere.


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