Trinidad James Starts GoFundMe For Kenyan Terrorist Attack Victims


Trinidad James Starts GoFundMe For Kenyan Terrorist Attack Victims

Trinidad James Starts GoFundMe For Kenyan Terrorist Attack Victims


( 4UMF NEWS ) Trinidad James Starts GoFundMe For Kenyan Terrorist Attack Victims:

There’s Trinidad James the artist, and there’s Trinidad James the philanthropist.

The latter is looking to make an impact after a mass killing in Kenya. The Atlanta, Ga. rapper has signed on to perform at a “Pray For Kenya” benefit concert after a terrorist group opened fire at Garissa University College , killing 147 people and injuring approximately 79 others. In addition to the performance, James has also started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the families of the deceased.

In a lengthy message posted for the campaign, James sets a goal of $147,000, seeking to distribute amongst the 147 families who lost loved ones during the attack.

I want to bring awareness to a subject and issue that happened in the world this year. The issue happened in Kenya at Garissa Univeristy College. A terrorist group came in and killed 147 students. Amongst the 147, a policemen, solidier and two watchmen were also killed. The number of casualties makes it one of the deadliest terror attacks in the country’s recent history. So many things happen in Africa and I personally believe it gets swept under the rug. Today, I would like to take the time to ask the world to CARE and BE AWARE. The 147 people killed were fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, and grandparents who didn’t deserve what happened to them. I’m coming to you today because I want to raise 147,000 (US Dollars) to give back to the families of the victims who died that sad day in Kenya. In addition, I will be doing a free concert in Kenya to raise more money on top of the 147,000 (US Dollars) that we raise to disburse to the families in Africa while I’m there.

The gunfire and explosions that took place at Garissa reportedly lasted for 15 hours before the group retreated from the college. It has been marked as the deadliest terrorist attack in the country recent history. According to CNN, the group responsible is Al-Shabaab, who have a long-standing violent history in Kenya. The attacks have included the separation of Muslim and Christians members of groups, and the killing of the Christians. The 2015 attack followed three others in 2014.

Incentives for Trinidad James’ GoFundMe campaign include exclusive “Trinidad in Kenya” t-shirts, a Skype call, an exclusive performance in your hometown and more.